Care Advantage Medspa and Wellness in Merritt Island, FL now offers Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (EPAT), also known as pressure wave therapy, a non-invasive treatment cleared by the FDA to treat acute and chronic pain, erectile dysfunction, and aesthetics such as cellulite, scar tissue, and stretch marks. 

Areas of the body that would benefit from shockwave therapy includes, but not limited to:

  • Knee

  • Elbow

  • Foot

  • Ankle

  • Hamstring

  • Back

  • Neck and Shoulder

  • Elbow

  • Hand and Wrist

EPAT/Shockwave Therapy expedites the healing process in the body by stimulating the metabolism and enhancing blood circulation to revitalize damaged tissue. Sound wave energy pulses are applied to the affected area for short periods of time creating micro cavitation bubbles that expand and burst. The force created by these bubbles penetrates tissue and stimulates cells in the body that are responsible for bone and connective tissue healing. Shockwave Therapy can also be used to provide trigger point therapy, address sports injuries, scar tissue, stress fractures, enhance bone healing, improve sexual function, and much more.


Shockwave therapy is a very safe procedure and patients who suffer from acute or chronic pain will benefit. Given that Shockwave Therapy is non-invasive, there is no downtime in your daily activities. There is no risk of infection and no scarring from the procedure. The procedure is performed using ultrasound gel applied to the treatment area sound waves or pressure waves are released through the applicator as it is moved over the treatment area. The procedure is very affordable and has a high patient satisfaction rate of over 95% with patients reporting less pain and improvement after the first treatment. Treatments typically take about 20 minutes in length with immediate relief reported after the first treatment. Depending on the site being treated, three to five treatments for each body area may be needed to provide permanent relief of pain or desired effect.

EPAT/Shockwave Therapy treatments are all-natural and clinically proven using high-frequency shockwaves to enhance male sexual function, performance, and overall health. It is the only non-invasive procedure that treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction in men by increasing blood flow, releasing growth factors in the tissue forming new blood vessels, and breaking down micro-plaque in the penis. Most patients have a success rate of 75% or greater with no known side effects. Clinical outcomes have shown to be long term with very minimal maintenance needed.

Shockwave Therapy is also used for aesthetically by smoothing out unwanted cellulite. Unlike many cosmetic treatments, Shockwave Therapy does not destroy tissue, it instead allows the body’s natural healing process to accelerate the recovery from the multi-fold problems which are contributing factors of cellulite. It has an impressive 98% success rate, with results lasting six to twelve months before limited maintenance sessions are required. Shockwave therapy is equally effective for scar tissue and stretch marks.


The cost of shockwave therapy varies depending on the area being treated and how many treatments will be needed to provide permanent relief of pain or the desired effect. General pricing guidelines are as follows:

Acute/chronic pain: $100-$500 per session, depending on the area treated

Number of sessions required: 3-5 treatments

Cellulite Smoothing: $100-$500 per session, depending on the area treated

Number of sessions required: 10 treatments

Erectile Dysfunction: $3000 

Number of sessions required: 12 treatments

Need more information about shockwave therapy? Check out our frequently asked questions page or contact us with your specific questions.
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